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Because of the special active ingredient, Jointboy can be used without parting agents. For all types of silicon and acrylic!
Jointboy-Special works without parting agents. There is no need to dampen in the sealing compound with a detergent solution. You will also be able to produce perfect seals on connecting joints and expansion joints without masking or time - consuming follow-up work.
Jointboy-Special is a special tool in tested craftsman quality:
  • resistant to acids and frication
  • extremely flexible.
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Joint tool with straight cutting edge Joint tool with round cutting edge
6 mm
For all standard joints not subject to traction or pressure stresses (e.g. mirrors, wash hand basins).

8/10 mm
For all standard joints subject to traction or pressure stresses (e.g. baths, showers, kitchen worktops, corners on floors / walls with tiles).

14 mm
For wide to extremely wide joints subject to traction or pressure stresses (e.g. corners on floors/walls with tiles, masonry, refurbishment ect.).

expansion joints
For expansion joints (e.g. on floors) with roundes tiles and for joints that are to be recessed a round tool should be used.
sp3 sp4
5/8 mm
For hard-to-reach areas (e.g. windows/corners, wash hand basin fittings).

6 mm
For all sealing joints on windows (17° angle for all standard windows).

groove 10 mm
For all finished edges with an angle of approx 90°.

groove 17.5 mm
For all built-up joints on flush-fitting tiles and windows panes (e.g. conservatories ect.).